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Cardio week 5: RETEST Cardiooooono 5mins each

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DONT COME IN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. IF YOU DO YOU WILL NOT COMPLETE THIS WORKOUT AND WILL FALL ASLEEP OR CRAP OUT DURING THIS WORK OUT. If you are an AM wodder then eat right the night before with a protein shake and fruit before the wod. Roll the dice if you want… I have and it sucks.

Sprint means just that. EMPTY that tank on the sprints.

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Metcon (Distance)

5min EMOM of

Sprint 20secs

walking rest 40 secs
RX+ 30sec sprint/30secs walking rest

at the 4:30mark transition to the row. Hurry up bc time is ticking

Metcon (Calories)

5min EMOM of

Row Sprint 20secs

active recovery 40 secs
RX+ 30secs/30secs

active recovery means keep moving but recover.

@ 4:30 mark transition to bike quickly.

Metcon (Calories)

5min EMOM of

Assault Bike Sprint 20secs

Active recovery 40 secs
RX+ 30secs/30secs

If you started here transition to run at 4:30 mark quickly.