CrossFit [Pensacola, Florida]

What is CrossFit?

Former gymnast, Greg Glassman, is the founder of CrossFit®, Inc. in 2000. Coach Glassman discovered through his years training elite athletes the optimal way to accomplish prime fitness wasn’t by specialization, but through “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity” –the athlete must combine fundamentals of Olympic weightlifting, core conditioning, rowing, sprinting and gymnastics in order to improve complete strength, flexibility, endurance, speed and agility.

Constantly Varied

“Constantly varied” is the idea that everyday has a different workout (WOD), integrating multiple combinations of these elements. At CrossFit VU, you (yes, you!) will climb ropes, jump rope, flip tires and swing kettle bells. You improve at pushups, handstands, handstand pushups and pull-ups. You will drill dips, squats, jerks, cleans, deadlifts and snatches, in addition to running, rowing and box jumps. Each day will comprise of different exercises specially designed to train distinctive muscle groups, cardiovascular and/or strength.

Functional Movement

“Functional movement” is characterization of sustaining the most efficient and safest position to power through a movement. There are many misconceptions about CrossFit. In actuality, most of the movements we practice our workouts mirror actions in our day-to-day lives. To someone new to CrossFit, flipping a tire may look outrageous, but if anyone has ever moved a mattress up a stairway, you are already familiar with the movement—if not, you will learn. Cleaning a medicine ball may seem irrelevant, but consider the movements and strengths your body goes through when storing your luggage in an airplane’s overhead compartment. Have you ever had to lift a hefty bag of pet food? You know the significance of arching your back. CrossFit VU will work with you and help you keep the correct positions during workouts—both to ensure your safety, the safety of those around you, while maximizing productivity.

High Intensity

“High Intensity” is the idea that beginners may be difficult for beginning CrossFitters to comprehend. For many, a workout’s efficacy is proportional to the number of hours dedicated at the gym. A crossfitter will never say “My workout was great; I was at the gym for five hours!” Instead, they are more likely to tell you, “I completed my workout in 7 minutes!” Many first visit us with skepticism that a high-intensity workout, completed in a portion of the time they spend at the gym can produce quicker and better results. However, results don’t lie.

One of the best things about our sport is—we’re all in this together, working with one another and motivating each other. It is a sport in which the person who finishes the workout last may receive more high-fives than the person who finishes first.

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New to Crossfit?


Because you have found us, it means you are interested in one of the most rapidly growing fitness movements in the world!

What brought you here is irrelevant whether it be a recommendation from a coach or doctor, or just a loyal friend’s persistence. Even an inspiration from the latest Nike commercial is immaterial. Welcome to CrossFit VU.

The initial thing you will discover is that CrossFit does not discriminate. Whether you are 25 or 75 years old, have just accomplished your 50th marathon, recuperating from an injury or recovering from a broken heart, whether you are training for the Iditarod or trying to just make a lap around the block… CrossFit can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

One thing that makes CrossFit so unique is the community. There are individuals from every walk of life: elite athletes, stay-at-home parents, students, members of the armed services, veterans, CEOs, policemen, firemen—you name it, they’re here.
CrossFit bodies—our bodies—vary in every size imaginable, different shapes and ages; and yet, our workouts each day, are designed so that anyone can do them.

“Scalability” is a word you will frequently hear at CrossFit VU. In every class, everyone has the identical workout—but that workout will always have numerous scaling alternatives. This makes it unique for everyone and achievable for all of us, no matter our body type, ability levels or personal goals. We can work alongside each other safely.
We motivate each other, cheer each other on and even participate in wholesome competition. But in the end, every workout is yours and yours alone. Your workout at your pace.

P.S. We abbreviate workouts as WODs (workouts of the day) because acronyms are fun!


Our gym is located off County Road 95a and easily accessed from anywhere in Pensacola, Florida via the Interstate 10 and Highway 29.

Main gym area of CrossFit VU in Pensacola, Florida

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