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DONT COME IN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. IF YOU DO YOU WILL NOT COMPLETE THIS WORKOUT AND WILL FALL ASLEEP OR CRAP OUT DURING THIS WORK OUT. If you are an AM wodder then eat right the night before with a protein shake and fruit before the wod. Roll the dice if you want… I have and it sucks.

Sprint means just that. EMPTY that tank on the sprints.

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Warm up

As you come in start to foam roll the lower body. Stretch your hips and calves really well.

Coaches will assign you to a station to start on.

There will be an additional 30 seconds at the end of each 6 minute EMOM to transition.

A: Metcon (Distance)

6 min EMOM of

Sprint 15 secs

walking rest 45 secs
Be sure to WALK during the rest. Allow your HR to come down so you can give it hell during the sprint.

After your 6th sprint transition to the next station.

B: Metcon (Calories)

6 min EMOM of

Row Sprint 15 secs

active recovery 45 secs
Active recovery means keep moving but recover.

C: Metcon (Calories)

6 min EMOM of

Assault Bike Sprint 15 secs

Active recovery 45 secs
Be Ready to transition to next station.


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