Personal Training



CrossFit VU is male and female owned and employs some of the top personal trainers Pensacola has to offer, with an extensive knowledge base on fitness and the body. CFVU offers extensive personal training services and a one of a kind training atmosphere with access to male and female trainers.

When you first walk through the doors we will run an overall assessment on your current activity, mobility, and nutritional lifestyle. From there we will go over the programs we have to offer. For those who desire one-on one training and personalized focus, we can offer that to you with our personal training sessions. You tell us what your goals are, or we can help you create goals, whether it’s CrossFit, nutrition, weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility, interval training, endurance, or all of the above. We can create a program to cater to you. We will teach you everything from the ground up and walk  you through each step so there is never any confusion on your end in regards to what you’re doing. We will build on the foundational movements and skills we teach you to ensure you’re always improving and never plateauing. as well as practicing proper form as we always stress safety first.

We offer 3 options of personal training packages for both members and non-members:

-1 hour session

-5 one hour session package

-10 one hour session package (best value!!)

*contact us for rates


To set up a personal training session with one of our qualified and caring coaches, please call or email now! 

Should you prefer a group setting, you will still receive all of the above from the owners and staff but you’ll get to enjoy it with members next to you, pushing and cheering you on. We put a cap on all classes to ensure everyone is still receive the personal training and focus they need and deserve, and with 2 coaches for the busiest classes always available, you will never be overlooked. You will never get bored of our programming and coaching, you’ll always be challenged and have fun. You can’t get fit alone, so come check us out.

Questions? Call 1-850-725-9348 (XFIT)