Our Story

First steps

Lex and I met in Columbus, Georgia at the end of 2013. Lex was the head coach and overtime we became good friends. One fateful night out with other friends we looked at eachother with different eyes and there was no turning back. Life for us began to shift in Georgia, and though hard at the time, everything truly does happen for a reason. Lex was in the Marine Corp for 9 years and Pensacola was his last duty station. He always longed to return to Gulf Coast and small city he loved so much. We took a trip down to look around, yet nothing quite worked, however on our way home we received a call that a local gym might be selling. We called the owner who denied all rumors of selling, so we shrugged our shoulders and kept driving north to our home in Georgia. We always say by divine intervention, 20 minutes later he called back and said, “I’ve changed my mind, I hadn’t thought about it before, but I will sell.” Within a month we were moving down to Pensacola to begin our new business journey together.


Pensacola welcomed us with open arms and though our new gym had a small membership base, they were dedicated and loyal. We started off with about 30 members and have now grown to over 140! We have tripped and stumbled along the way, but always work to improve ourselves with the focus of bettering and improving our gym. Our members deserve the best, and we, along with our team work to give them that daily. We absolutely love helping people find their best selves through CrossFit, we will never stop giving what we can to those who invest their time in us for their hour each day. We’re truly blessed and deeply grateful for this journey.