We will be closed Thursday and Friday, Nov 23/24. We will open up Saturday am classes for 7am foundations and 8:30am WOD. PLEASE RESERVE FOR CLASSES SATURDAY.

CrossFit VU – CrossFit

No class size limit for this work out! Lets show up to burn those calories before we put them on for turkey day!

Metcon (Time)

“The Calories that keep on Counting”

For time:

800m Run

150 DU’s

600m Run

100 Russian KBS 53/35#

400m Run

75 Push Ups

200m Run

50 OH Plates Lunges 45/25#

100m Run

25 burpee pull ups
Scale downs:

-Shorter running distance or —ride air dyne if needed.

-Regular lunges

-burpees then ring rows

-burpees jumping pull ups

**Need more fun? Add a partner, do runs together, and double the reps for the movements.

300 dubs

200 russian KBS

150 push ups

100 OH lunges

50 burpee pull ups


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