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Coaches will lead a warm up today. Do your normal foam rolling as you come in.


This is a day for you to practice your “pulling” skills (Pull-ups, Chest 2 Bar, Bar Muscle-ups, & Ring Muscle-ups). Stay within your “Skill Level”. Don’t be trying to attempt ring muscle ups if you don’t have your pull-ups down.

For those of you who have most of these skills (or almost there), work on stringing reps together. Build some consistency and fluiditity with your reps. The key is EFFICIENCY!

Metcon (No Measure)

18 Minute EMOM of:

Even Minutes – “Pulling”

Pull-ups — C2B — Bar MU — Ring MU (3-5 reps of the movement you choose)

Odd Minutes – Turkish Get Ups

1 Rep each side

Build in weight every other round (only if you have this skill down pat). Slow and controlled reps here.



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