My name is Sam. I’m a wife and mother of 2 daughters. My oldest daughter is the reason I got into fitness in the first place. I spent years struggling with low self-esteem and fitness helped me build my confidence. After I became a mom, I knew I had to change my life. I wanted to be a strong example to my daughter. My fitness journey has evolved over the last 14 years from a cardio bunny to group fitness, to bodybuilding, to CrossFit. Once I found CrossFit through Coach Wes I was hooked and knew at some point I’d want to coach. July of 2020, I walked into VU and never looked back. I knew it was where I needed to be.

I thrived on performance-based goals and got out of the mental rut that bodybuilding was bringing me through. I felt my fitness had a purpose besides looking a certain way. CrossFit helped build me up! I finally found the beauty in my body by seeing what it was capable of and stopped caring so much about what I saw in the mirror.

I became a coach because I wanted to share the joy and positive perspective CrossFit brought to my life. The community, support, and friendships I’ve built while at VU has influenced my life in such a positive way. I finally feel like I’ve found where I belong and where I thrive. I want everyone to experience what I have, and coaching allows me to be more involved in everyone’s fitness journey.

Becoming a CrossFit coach is probably the most notable accomplishment for me thus far. My passion is helping people build strength, not only physically but mentally. I’d say what I specialize in helping beginners build their foundational strength, movement, form, and overall confidence in the gym. There is nothing I love more than being able to influence others in a positive way and see them achieve their goals. The greatest gift as a coach is watching a person transform their mental attitude and physical capabilities positively for a better and more sustainable life.