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Connor Bachmans success story

Connor Bachman

6 week Challenge, lost 15lbs, had to buy new belts and down  2 pant sizes!!...

Jeremy Coopers success story

Jeremy Cooper

#whole wrap up was yesterday. Today marks the first day moving in to a strict paleo diet and this will go for 60 days. My results this far I am very pleased with. I have lost 11.5lbs overall and lost 3.5 in my waist. My cardiovascular has never felt bette...

John Books success story

John Book

25 lbs in 6 weeks...

Lacy Brusters success story

Lacy Bruster

Did I ever in my life think that I would try CrossFit and love it? The answer to that question is, no. I’ve spent my entire adult life trying one fad diet or another, trying to consistently exercise and failing, all without a real direction, ...

Naomi Kjers success story

Naomi Kjer

11 lbs in 6 weeks...

Nicole Hobbss success story

Nicole Hobbs

3+ years years at CrossFit VU

January has become my favourite time of year, specifically because of the Fitness Challenge that is set forth by Lex and Fallon at Crossfit VU. I always choose to do Whole30 because I know it works for me! Coming off the holidays and getting back into hea...

Patrick Thorstens success story

Patrick Thorsten

I started at CrossFit VU in March of 2016. I weighed 217 pounds when I started and now I weigh 187 pounds and still dropping. I had tried just about every other type of workout program before, boxing, kickboxing, tap out xt, etc. But they just never seeme...

Selena Albondigas success story

Selena Albondiga

Doing the Crossfit VU 6 week challenge was life changing for me. I've always been an athlete, but I never realized just how much I needed to learn about nutrition and what fuels my body best for both weight loss and performance. I'm forever grateful to Le...

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