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On-Ramp Foundations Program:

This is the first step AFTER your FREE TRIAL in learning CrossFit.  We have 9 fundamental movements you NEED to be familiar with. This program will give you more confidence, comfort, and the knowledge when WODing in the classes. We provide 3-1 hour one on one or small group sessions with one of our Coaches every Saturday at 7am.  If we need to schedule a separate time other than Saturday please let us know. This is a mandatory program and part of your first months membership package.  

**If you are a CrossFit Vet then we can skip on-ramp and will test you out to verify your skills.**

What we cover in Foundations: Movement/Range of Motion screening & measurements and pictures (90 days later we will retest). Then we roll into our personal training session with your qualified coach. All this will assist in building our relationship, help you achieve the confidence needed to complete your goals and move safely while doing CrossFit.

We have many members and people who walk through our door, all of which come from different athletic backgrounds. Luckily, we are able to cater to each persons ability and offer challenging programs for the athlete that needs RX+, yet modify and scale it to the new person walking through the doors giving us a chance.

We want your workouts to be tough, but not so painfully tough that you can’t walk the next day. We like to build you over time, rather than just throwing you to the wolves. Our job is to keep you safe, teach you so your knowledge base grows, teach you body awareness, and give you a challenging effective work out.

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