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    • I have been coming to the Box (Gym) for two months now. We all know that CrossFit is not easy. The coaches here really care and push you to greatness. Fellow cross-fitters in this Box are like a big family, when they finish a WOD, they cheer you on. If you are someone like me, you need that extra push. This box offers military, student, and other discounts. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give them a shot. I am so happy that I did.

      They offer challenging workouts with very knowledgeable and experienced coaches. Everyone is supportive and welcoming and will make you feel right at home. The box is clean and well organized. If you are looking for a family atmosphere, that is what sets CrossFit VU from many other boxes. They have created a culture where everyone supports each other. It’s great for all ability levels. Coaches understand how to adjust workouts to make it better for you.

      Mauricio Delgado
    • CrossFit VU is hands down the best gym in Pensacola! The coaches are well trained, maintain continued education in the field, and know how to personalize each workout to every client! The community at VU is hard to beat! There is a genuine camaraderie among the athletes at this gym! Encouragement, goal-oriented workout programming, and a gym who truly cares for each person is the foundation at CrossFit VU!

      Jessie Nippert Pickett
    • CrossFit VU is like my second home! The staff is so friendly, and they take the time to go over the workout movements with you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the CrossFit community for 1 day or 6 years, you will be pushed to do your best in your workouts. The staff wants you to succeed and wants you to do well. They listen if you have an injury and seem to know any variation possible. If the music isn’t your favorite just ask for a new song, I guarantee they will find something you like! You need help moving across town or want to grab breakfast after Saturday WOD you got it! The friends you make here turn into family. The only reason why I am leaving this gym is because I am moving out of town. Let me tell you, I am SAD! I honestly don’t know how another gym will compare. VU thank you for everything, and if you’re new and want to try CrossFit DO IT! Sign up on day one and don’t look back! I promise you will not regret this!

      Emily Cornelius
    • Great staff. Great communications! Clean gym. With Covid, it is necessary to participate at a gym that is serious about cleanliness. CrossFit VU is doing all they can to keep everyone healthy.
      I am 58 years old and trying to get back into shape. The staff quickly assessed my ability (lack thereof) and made sure that I did not hurt myself. While the class is a group, the coaches are active observers. It often seems there is individual attention. They are always watching to make sure that everyone’s workout is being performed in a safe manner.
      Thank you, Lex, Joe and the whole staff at CrossFit VU.

      Gene Waldenmaier
    • Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

      I came from out of town and dropped in, and I felt like I was a regular. Reece, Lex, and all athletes are super friendly. Coaches are very knowledgeable, and they have a well-balanced coach-athlete ratio. I highly recommend this box if you are from out of town and need to get in your daily WOD. Will see you guys again when I come back!

      Omar Cruz Rivera (Drop In)

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