4 person Team conga line WOD


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Weds 11/25- No 630pm
Thurs 11/26- Closed
Fri- 11/27 Closed
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Metcon (Time)

In teams of 4 people we will have a conga line style workout.

3 RFT:

21-15-9 reps


– DB Thrusters 35/20#

– Pull Ups/ring rows

– HSPU/push ups

-250m Row

-rest station


50/35# DBs

C2B pull ups

Complete Rds of 21-15-9 + row for time as a team.

One person starts 21 DB thrusters as teammates wait in line for you to advance to the next station of 21. Once thrusters are complete athlete 1 moves forward to 21 pull ups then athletes 2 starts DB thrusters. 3&4 are waiting for athletes 1&2 to advance before #3 can start. Continue this pattern until the wod is complete. Rd1 is 21’s, Rd2 is 15’s, Rd3 is set of 9s. everyone will have a rest period and when the person behind you finishes and moves to rest station you will start the next round.

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