Functional Bodybuilding


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Functional BodyBuilding

Metcon (No Measure)

Superset #1 – Chest and Tri’s

40 sec on/ 20 sec off

5 cycles

Flat DB Bench Press

Single DB Overhead Tricep Extension

-Rest 1 min-

Superset #2- Back and Bi’s

5 cycles

Banded Lat Pulldowns

Med Ball Bicep Curls

-Rest 1 min-

Superset #3- Legs and Abs

5 cycles

Step Ups w/ KB or bodyweight

KB Side Chops (switch halfway)

*Move for quality. Choose weights that allow you to keep moving during the 40 sec

*Split up into groups and complete all 5 rounds before moving on. Clean up your equipmemt during the rest