• CF Level 1 Certificate
  • ACSM Personal Trainer- Pure Performance
  • B.S. Exercise Science, University of Southern Mississippi

I have been CrossFitting for 2 ½ years and I specialize in gymnastics skills, strength training, and proper mindset practices. My passion is helping people realize their full potential. Inside and outside the gym. I love seeing the excitement of progress no matter how big or small. Their first pull up, muscle up, bench press PR, squat PR, handstand push up, run 1 mile ect.

My athletic background consists of basketball, track and cross country in high school. One of my notable accomplishments was a 4th place finish in the state (Alabama) at the decathlon meet my senior year. I was first exposed to Crossfit back in 2012 when my older sister invited me to check it out. I would come back from time to time but never fully committed.

In late 2016 after being extremely bored with the typical bodybuilding routine I needed a change and something that involved some competition so I took the plunge and started doing nothing but Crossfit. After about a year and a half of being a member and making really fast progress I was approached by the owners of the box about being a coach. I already had 10 years of experience personal training at various gyms so I liked the idea. I signed up for my Level 1 course and got certified in October of 2018.

One of my favorite quotes is ‘Do or do not, there is no try’

Some fun facts about me:
-I play the cello and guitar.
-I was in the Alabama Youth Symphony, my band in college was the ‘Red Light District’ and I love roller coasters.
-My family owns a candy business; shaved ice, cotton candy, candy apples, pretzels, funnel cakes, lemon chill. We worked all the University of Alabama sporting events.