• Sergeant/USMC VET 2003-2012
  • CFL1
  • CFL2
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Weightlifting
  • USAW Sports Performance Level 1
  • CrossFit Defense Trainer

Lex Egea has been CrossFitting for eight years and specializes in competitive training and weightlifting. Committed to positive results, Lex loves to watch our members’ PR big lifts or do something they never have before. “There is nothing better than watching their personal journey and growth towards success,” he says.

A multi-sport athlete, Lex considers soccer his main sport and plays goalkeeper. His notable achievements include competing next to some of the best CrossFit Athletes in the game over the years, and finishing Top 10 at most of his competitions at an elite level. He even made his television premiere on Season 2 of “Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge.”

After spending more than a decade in “globo gym” body building, Lex realized he wanted more out of fitness. “I dabbled with CrossFit like movements for a few years until I finally rolled into a CrossFit gym in 2009, when invited by a solid female athlete/Marine,” he says. “Within six months of working out, I went to my CrossFit L1 and was blown away by the knowledge and instruction. That’s when I knew this was the final piece of the fitness puzzle I was looking for.” A self-confessed “foodie,” Lex also promises to push you past your comfort zone. “But if I do, it’s because I see that potential in you. When you live in comfort, your goals will just take that much longer to accomplish.”