I’ve been doing Crossfit for about almost 5 years now. I’m passionate about getting people to meet their potential and well being to be better, whether that is on a mental/physical standpoint. It’s always very rewarding to see what people are capable of doing if they are craving for change.

The best take away from coaching members is the willingness of members to accept being coached so that they can better themselves. It’s very gratifying to me knowing that members want to change themselves and will do what is necessary to get that change in functional fitness and change in nutritional habits.

I’ve been in fitness for about 12 years. It started when I was in high school joining the weightlifting team and wrestling team. My first year in weight lifting competitively in high school I made 6th in the state for my weight class and since then I knew there was something there. In college I was an exercise science major and was an intern for the strength and conditioning facility at the University of West Florida working with athletes. I then graduated with a B.S. in exercise science. From there I worked in a rehab department for Healthsource Chiropractic and have experience exercising individuals to get them strong and well.

I ended up falling for the CrossFit community. The great energy from everyone to encourage you to push past what you thought was your limitations was all I needed to realise this is where I wanted to be. Everyone makes a point to know one another and it becomes family. The ability to see one’s change over the course of crossfitting is an awesome thing to experience.

My favorite quote would have to be from Mat Fraser, “ I do not have an addiction to suffering. I have an addiction to what the product of suffering is.” If you’re a competitive athlete then you understand that meaning. Lastly, know that once I start to notice you are doing great, I will push you to be greater.