I just hit my 1.5 year mark doing CrossFit! Prior to CrossFit training I was big into general bodybuilding and powerlifting. If you want help in the powerlifts, such as the squat and bench, that’s my jam (not so much for deadlifts). I’m also very familiar with injury rehab and physically limited athletes. I’m passionate about helping anyone benefit from improving their fitness, no matter their perceived physical limitations. I believe fitness is for everyone.

My favorite thing about coaching is connecting with members on a personal level and watching them push themselves to do more than they thought they were capable of. For example, my background in sports is that I didn’t make my HS basketball team, and I was one of the smallest kids in football, so I didn’t last very long. Through those failures in sports, I was able to find weightlifting as a means to not feel so small, but weight lifting was where my confidence eventually grew.

Later, I then went to college for my degree in Exercise Science, and my college roommate was big into CrossFit. For a while, I was always under the impression that CF was a mediocre way of working out. After a prolonged time of saying I would eventually try it, I eventually became very bored of my current training routine and felt lonesome doing it. Out of desperation for community, and doing something different with my training, I then gave CrossFit a shot.

Once I realized how much I enjoyed the challenge and atmosphere, coupled with my background as a personal trainer and a gentle nudge from Lex, I developed into my role as a coach. Finally, I’ll leave you with a mindset that I’m highly fond of and you may find applicable, ‘discipline is doing what you hate to do, but doing it like you love it… and if you can do that, you can be successful in anything’ – Mike Tyson