CrossFit – Thu, Nov 3


Upcoming Events for 2022:
-Saturday, Oct 15, Barbells 4 BooBs fundraiser. WOD is Grace.
-Veterans Day HERO Week Nov 7-11. Closed Sat, Nov 12th.
-JingleBell Jam @ Casino Beach, Dec 3. 10-15 Volunteers needed.
-Christmas Party Gala, Friday, Dec 9th. 6pm-11pm.
Veterans HERO WEEK Nov 7-11:
One hero, five days, HARD WORK gettin done. Murph will have 3 classes on Friday as the capstone of the week. Closed Saturday, Nov 12, in Observance of Veterans Day.

CrossFit VU – CrossFit


Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM x 20

Min 1- Cardio of Choice

Min 2- 1/1 Turkish Get Up

Min 3- Nordic Hamstring Curl

Min 4- banded Archer rows

Cool Down