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Our Mission and Vision

Here at CrossFit VU (Validus Una=Stronger together) our mission is to provide you with all of our Passion, Hard-work, and Dedication (PHD) in living the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Our vision will be accomplished through our mission by coaching a more sustainable way of life in order to kick ass into your elder years. Working out, stretching and healthier eating habits will keep you out of the doctors office! We’re Passionate about what we do, we’re a Hard-working team that wants the best for you and are Dedicated to our mission in getting you to be the best version of yourself. PHD, that’s how we do at CFVU!

Our Story

Lex and Fallon met in Columbus, Georgia at the end of 2013.

Lex always had dreams of opening his on “box” when he found CrossFit in Pensacola, as a young Marine, back in 2009. He had an affinity and knack for coaching others right away. His “rough around the edges” demeanor, that camouflages his big heart, serves as a great balance for tapping into people’s true capabilities they never believed existed. Lex said goodbye to the Marine Corps & Pensacola in 2012 to become a head coach and, later, box owner in Columbus, GA.

Fallon found CrossFit in Jan of 2013 and quickly fell in love with the camaraderie, push, difficulty, PR’s (and lack there of, lol) and knew eventually she’d be called to Coach. As fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness had been a part of her life since she could remember. She has an ability to see and intuitively feel people where they are, as well as hearing what isn’t being said. She is compassionate, loving, and is a great balance to Lex’s intriguing intensity. However, she isn’t all rainbows all the time as she expects you to put in work, not settle for mediocrity, and has no issue emphatically inspiring you if she sees you’re capable of more. It all comes from Love. She knows you’re here to change and will push you to reach those changes, internally and externally!

When Fallon and Lex began dating, they were quickly dubbed FLEX and life moved faster than ever. Change occurred in Columbus, as change is the only constant, and they were called back to Pensacola to purchase ECFF Functional Fitness the summer of 2015. They changed the name to CrossFit Validus Una -VU- for short, as it means STRONGER TOGETHER, and is something the two of them deeply believe in.

We all need a tribe of quality caring people who have your back, and CFVU with FLEX and their kickass staff are it! Their ears and hearts are always open for those who utilize this dynamic duo. We know your first day to CrossFit, or first day walking into a gym as a seasoned CrossFitter, is a bit nervewracking, but our CRU & Members always make new faces feel welcome, something we are so proud of. So, head to our Get Started Page and we can’t wait to have you join our VU CRU!!!


Arriving to Pensacola

Pensacola welcomed us with open arms and though our new gym had a small membership base, they were dedicated and loyal. We started off with about 30 members and have now grown to over 150! We have tripped and stumbled along the way, but always work to improve ourselves with the focus always being on our members, and to continually improve our gym. Our members deserve the best, and we, along with our team work to give them that daily. We absolutely love helping people find their best selves through CrossFit, we will never stop giving to those who invest their time in us for their hour each day. We’re truly blessed and deeply grateful for this journey.



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