About The Gym


Here at CrossFit VU (Validus Una=Stronger together) our mission is to provide you with all of our Passion, Hard-work, and Dedication (PHD) in living the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Our vision will be accomplished through our mission by coaching a more sustainable way of life in order to kick ass into your elder years. Working out, stretching and healthier eating habits will keep you out of the doctors office! We’re Passionate about what we do, we’re a Hard-working team that wants the best for you and are Dedicated to our mission in getting you to be the best version of yourself. PHD, that’s how we do at CFVU!

Our Story

What does CrossFit VU mean? Well, VU is short for Validus Una which is a Latin term that means “Stronger together”. This name came about in 2011 when a group of my closest friends, now, were all introduced to me by my longtime best friend, brother, & confidant, Travis. We were all military, from all over the place and always kept in touch.

Every time we got together, we were all at our best and constantly competing with everything we did. One of the Air Force guys decided to start a Facebook group so we could all stay in touch and called it “Validus Una.” I was already doing CrossFit for about a year at this time and thought “Man…That literally sums up how I feel about CrossFit and being a Marine. This would be an awesome name for a gym one day.” Then in 2015 that became a reality!

After exiting the Marine Corps in 2012 from Pensacola where my CrossFit Journey started; I linked up with some retired Army guys and became the head coach & eventually an owner of CrossFit Inception. I learned a lot of hard lessons and met a lot of great people in Columbus, Ga. In 2015 I decided it was time for me to do my own thing and started to look at moving back to a place where I wanted to live, grow, and cultivate my own community of CrossFit the VU way.

In June 2015 that gym idea came to fruition by purchasing a pre-existing gym, ECFF CrossFit and then rebranding it to CrossFit VU! We started with 35 existing members and grew it to over 120 members in less than 6 months. It was an amazing and completely fulfilling experience. To have the opportunity to manifest an idea to life then be able to make a difference in someone’s life through fitness is the most rewarding feeling I have ever known.

CrossFit VU was founded on these principles. Passion, Hard work, and Dedication. We will give it all to our clients and if reciprocated, success is just around the corner. Our mission is to assist our athletes into living their best life now in order to live a better life during their later years. We want you off the meds, moving freely, out of the doctor’s office, and living your best life with your families.

We welcome everyone into CrossFit VU. Let us help you live the life you deserve to live!


Pensacola welcomed us with open arms and though our new gym had a small membership base, they were dedicated and loyal. We started off with about 30 members and have now grown to over 150! We have tripped and stumbled along the way, but always work to improve ourselves with the focus always being on our members, and to continually improve our gym. Our members deserve the best, and we, along with our team work to give them that daily. We absolutely love helping people find their best selves through CrossFit, we will never stop giving to those who invest their time in us for their hour each day. We’re truly blessed and deeply grateful for this journey.

Meet Our Team


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