Friday Functional BodyBuilding


Dec Holiday Hours:
Dec 23- NO 430pm class only
Dec 24th & 25th- CLOSED
Dec 26th- Open Saturday WOD @ 830
Dec 31 & Jan 1- CLOSED
Jan 2- FFL Community WOD and opener to 2021
Jan 11- Start the Whole Life Challenge

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Functional BodyBuilding

Metcon (No Measure)

30 sec work/ 30 sec rest

4 cycles

*Lower Body

Heel elevated KB Goblet Squats

SA KB Deadlift (switch halfway)

Curtsy lunge (bodyweight or w/ KB)

*Upper Body

DB Arnold Press

Banded BOR

DB Bicep Curls


Pike Raises Over KB

Straight Leg sit ups

Tuck Hold

*Everybody will start with the first movement on lower body then move to the first movement on upper body then the first movement on abs. When you start over it will be the second movement. Finish the cycle with the third movement.

*Stay light-mod on the weights so you can work the entire 30 sec

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