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WOD Events in Feburary:
-Sat Feb 20th WOD 22 Veteran Suicide awareness partner wod. Free trials are welcome!

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Metcon (No Measure)

40min running clock

2- Giant sets

1- Giant sets x 5

-10-12reps Med grip Bench Press

-10-14reps Banded tricep push downs

-8-10 Diamond Push ups

-14-20 Heavy goblet squats (heel elevated if you like)

**rest 30-45s b/t movements

**rest 1 min b/t sets

2- Giant Sets x 5

-12/12 ea side SA BOR w/ landmine

-10-12 reps bicep curls banded or DB

-20 MB Russian Twists 20/14#

-20 Front Leaning Rest MB reach n touch

**rest 30-45s b/t movements

**rest 1 min b/t sets
push ups scale as needed, 1-2-3-4″ plate under chest today if you can not do Chest to ground.

Good controlled movements today. Use lighter weight if needed to ensure you get the reps and good range of motion. You should leave the gym today feeling the pump and working the muscles we need to build that strong foundation.

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