Jeremy Cooper

"I am also feeling a lot stronger."

Jeremy Cooper

#whole wrap up was yesterday. Today marks the first day moving in to a strict paleo diet and this will go for 60 days. My results this far I am very pleased with. I have lost 11.5lbs overall and lost 3.5 in my waist. My cardiovascular has never felt better along with an increase in muscle mass/definition. I am also feeling a lot stronger. My overall goal was to maintain a healthy weight and develop my core. My first few days of the program were a little rough just from shocking my system, but I adapted fast. These results were not hard to obtain, just takes 30 Mins- 60 Mins of working out 5 days a week @crossfitvu Also some addition kitchen time to make sure I stayed ready for all caloric intake needs. Looking forward to next next 60 days. Thanks you Lex and Fallon for all the help and support, along with everyone else in the members group.

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