CrossFit – Sat, Jan 20


Bring A Friend Week #BAF. Jan 22-27, 2024

We will have an offer of $50 off for you and $50 off for your friend who joins! Must join before close of business Thursday of that week. If they join after, only you get the referral fee of $50.

Here is the waiver Link for your friend:

CrossFit VU – CrossFit

Warm up

4 rounds (2 each)

Partner 1

Row 1 min

Partner 2

5/5 groiners

10 glute bridges

Barbell Prep

Laura (AMRAP – Rounds)

With a partner, complete as many rounds as possible in 21 minutes of:

30-cal. row

20 burpees over the rower

10 power cleans

♀ 105 lb. ♂ 155 lb.
To learn more about Laura click here




step over rower