CrossFit – Sat, May 13


Memorial HERO WEEK May 22-26. 5 days, 5 Hero WODS, 5 tests of mental and physical fortitude. Closed May 27-29th in observance of our Fallen brothers for Memorial day.

CrossFit VU – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Teams of 3

3 rounds

*one athlete at each station…athletes switch stations each round

Station 1-2.5K/2k Echo bike

Station 2- 800m run

Station 3- Sangbag Bear Hug Hold AHAP

20 synchro SA Alt DB Snatch (35/25)

*complete the synchro DB snatches each round after every team member has finished their station

25 min cap



2k/1.5K Echo

600m run

Single KB Front Rack Hold

12 Synchro Alt DB Snatch (20/15)